Word is Out (Part II)

Some more on the Word is Out. A month after the NCWM release of results of the investigation by states looking at the weight of frozen seafood products we still see some press pick-up. The Chicago Tribune ran a follow-up piece with more on how frozen fish is mislabeled if the weight of the ice glaze is included as part of the net weight of the product.

Individual states like New York, Alaska and Wisconsin issued press releases.

And there was some local coverage in Illinois, New York and Ohio as well.

And I want to correct a statement that was made in the Chicago Tribune story. I had commented that fish portions that are individually vacuum packaged should not contain any ice glaze since the individual packaging serves to protect against freezer burn. While it is true that the packaging will protect against freezer burn, some ice-glazed products are vacuum packagedat a facility other then where the initial freezing takes place. There is nothing wrong with that provided the weight of the ice glaze isnt counted as part of the net weight.