What’s next from Greenpeace?

So, whats next? Well, in todays Seafood Source Greenpeace made it plainly obvious whats next, we are not going to promise anyone that we won’t be showing up at their doorstep.”

Ahhh yes, the tried and true, old school methodology of a once influential organizationdirect action. Protests, banners, vandalism, you name it Greenpeace is getting ready for it. Despite the fact that as an organization Greenpeace signed an Accountability Charter that promises its agents will not be involved in illegal or unethical practices. But thats just how they do things. Constructive engagement isnt their thing but their latest report reveals that neither is science or facts.

Media, be forewarned this is where Greenpeace counts on you to be lemmings. Far be it from me to tell you whats news but someone dressed up in a fish costume, wearing a sandwich board, parading outside a local grocery store isnt quite Pulitzer worthy. Bored, rich, suburban kids with ski masks on spray painting More Marine Reserves Now on the side of a retailer probably wont get you that Emmy.

The important part about news is that its new. These tacticsare old and tired just like the organization that keeps recycling them.