What Are the Best Fish to Eat?

In addition to delivering about 20 grams of protein for around 150 calories per serving, seafood is among the only natural sources of special omega-3s called DHA and EPA. DHA is a building block of brain development and helps keep the brain healthy as it ages. DHA and EPA also protect the heart.

The Benefits of a Fish-Rich Diet During Pregnancy

Plant foods like soybean oil, canola oil, flaxseed, and walnuts are sources of different omega-3s called ALA. ALA is not linked to the same brain and heart health benefits as DHA and EPA. Our bodies do not make omega-3 fatty acids so it is important to include fish in our diets. U.S. health organizations recommend a daily EPA and DHA intake of 250 mg for the general population and 1000 mg for people with heart disease.

Seafood Deficiency in the American Diet

Whether fish have higher or lower levels of omega-3s, they help you meet your omega-3 needs. Eat a variety of seafood.