Welcome to the Blog About Seafood


Doctors and dietitians say twelve ounces per week of seafood is the goal, so the Blog About Seafood is here to show you what that looks like in a real diet. My journey to becoming a seafood-loving dietitian did not begin with a childhood in Maine eating lobsters and cod for dinner every night. I actually grew up in Nebraska and was lucky to see a fish stick in our kitchen. Later, when my family moved to Texas, I happened upon a delicious fish taco, and have been gobbling up seafood of all varieties ever since. Over 80 percent of Americans don’t eat the recommended twelve ounces of seafood per week mostly because of low cooking-confidence. Hopefully the combination of time-tested recipes and investigative creations you see me eat will increase your fish-prep-faith and the amount of seafood you eat. And, not to worry, there will be plenty of healthful restaurant selections too.