Vegetables and fish

As a bit of a detox from Restaurant Week, Lloyd and I ate a
very vegetabley dinner last night – big bowls of green
minestrone soup
. I might have been
jumping the gun a bit on hot soup season, but it was fresh-tasting and filling. With all my talk about seafood, I didn’t want
it to go unsaid that a colorful variety of veggies are the cornerstone of a
healthful diet. As it so works out,
veggies and seafood go hand in hand and it’s never hard to find recipes
bountiful with both. Here are a few fish
and veggie recommendations from the fabulous book Seafood: Omega-3’s for Healthy Living by Evie Hansen.

-Bake a sweet potato alongside your oven-roasted seafood.

-Slice red bell peppers into tuna stir-fry or steamed

-Roast a whole vegetable stuffed with salmon.

-Spritz lime juice over jicama
slices and cooked shrimp. Serve as an