crab dip


I got back late last night from Mexico, and have a major backup of seafood pictures. Before even heading south of the border, Thursday evening Lloyd and I ate dinner with my bosss family, where of course, we made seafoodso Ill start there. For an appetizer, we munched on crackers and creamy crab dip. Click here for a similar recipe. Our entre was basil baked cod fillets, which as a good guest, I wanted to help makebut beyond slicing the tomatoes, there was little to do. What an easy recipe! It was a fun meal full of story-telling and laughter.

So fun, in fact, that Friday morning Lloyd and I overslept and missed our 6am flight. After some initial panic and a minor-meltdown, we booked two seats on a later flight and everything worked out fine. The new flight did put us in the airport at lunchtime, which is always a bit of a challenge depending on the offerings of the terminal youre stuck in. Watch this picture slide show for some healthier options at a handful of the usual airport suspects.