Health of Tuna Stocks: In Their Own Words

What They Tell You About:
Health of Tuna Stocks

Globally tuna populations are in trouble. Many species are endangered or critically endangered. There simply aren't enough fish to sustain the world's voracious appetite for tuna.

Greenpeace International Tuna Campaign

Health of Tuna Stocks
What They're Not Telling You

U.S. tuna supplies are healthy and closely monitored. Light tuna, sourced primarily from skipjack tuna, is abundant and accounts for almost seventy percent of all the tuna eaten in the U.S. White tuna, also known as albacore, represents the remaining tuna. Eighty percent of those stocks are healthy and the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) works to ensure conservation measures where needed are enforced.

The Tough Questions:
While the majority of tuna stocks are healthy, why does Greenpeace continue to attack canned tuna on sustainability grounds? Could it be that its fundraising machine need to generate $300 million per year or about $700,000 in revenue per day just to continue operations?