TIME and Tuna Terrors : In Their Own Words

What They Tell You About:


In the original story, Fetini cited an incriminating 2008 New York Times investigation about mercury in sushi tuna to substantiate her claims about the dangers of tuna fish.


What They're Not Telling You

First, the very New York Times report she refers to has been publicly criticized for its journalistic and scientific failures by not only Slate.com and The Center for Independent Media but the Times own ombudsman, who wrote that the original article missed and was less balanced than it should have been, given the state of existing research. Whats more Time.com itself published an article the day after the New York Times 2008 report titled The Danger of Not Eating Tuna, in which a noted expert from the Harvard School of Public Health is quoted as saying overall, the dangers of not eating fish [including tuna] outweigh the small possible dangers from mercury.

The Tough Questions:
Why would industry agree to work with a scientist who actively ignores the large body of independent research that concludes the proven health benefits of fish are far more beneficial and compelling than any hypothetical and unproven mercury risk? In his own words, Groth seems bent on creating the science to support his beliefs rather then educating pregnant women about the proven facts about the importance of getting enough fish during pregnancy.