Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) : In Their Own Words

What They Tell You About:


Compass With an annual budget of more than $87 million, the Natural Resources Defense Council promotes what it calls "a visionary strategy" that includes warnings about "poison" in seafood that can interfere with the brain and nervous system. The Chronicle of Philanthropy praised NRDC's "flair for finding the human-interest element that can animate their presentation of a particular environmental policy issue."


What They're Not Telling You

NRDC's longtime president, John Adams declared his allegiance to environmental victory at all cost when he stated that his group would "challenge every corporation if their system intrudes on our system. There will be a clash of values, to be sure, environmental values versus economic consumption of those values."

The Tough Questions:
Are the FDA and leading medical institutions also clashing with NRDC and their victory at all costs, even human costs, since the federal guidance on the benefits of seafood is at odds with what NRDC is asserting? How does NRDC justify putting its environmental agenda ahead of human health and established science on seafood?