Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) : In Their Own Words

What They Tell You About:

Mercury In Fish

Fish In a special section devoted solely to the issue of fish consumption and mercury, NRDC advises doctors that, in women of reproductive age, it is important to diagnose overexposure to mercury even if the patient herself is asymptomatic..." NRDC contends that pollution from power plants settles into oceans and waterways where it builds up in the fish we eat.

Mercury In Fish

What They're Not Telling You

Decades of peer reviewed science shows that the vast majority of mercury contained in seafood is the result of natural processes like underwater volcanic activity, a fact that was recently confirmed by a California Court. Whats more, NRDC's medical advice is at odds with both the FDA's guidance to pregnant women and the views of numerous medical institutions.

The Tough Questions:
How does NRDC justify offering baseless medical advice to women and their doctors especially when it is so tenuously connected to their separate agenda on power plants?