Mercury Policy Project : In Their Own Words

What They Tell You About:

Mercury In Fish

FishIn a February 2009 Associated Press article featuring the Mercury Policy Project the reporter wrote of mercury pollution: "Much settles into the oceans where it enters the food chain and is concentrated in predatory fish like tuna."

Mercury In Fish

What They're Not Telling You

The Mercury Policy Project's insistence on connecting mercury pollution to commercial ocean fish is based on strategy not science.

The seafood community wants mercury pollution eradicated as much as anyone. But the scientific fact is that mercury in commercial seafood is naturally-occurring and levels have neither increased nor decreased over time.

In March, a California court refused to require mercury warnings in conjunction with the sale of canned tuna on the grounds that "methylmercury in tuna is naturally occurring."

After these facts were pointed out to the Associated Press the AP acknowledged that "interested parties may be targeting tuna."

The Tough Questions:
Why is Mercury Policy Project creating fear among mothers about a nutritionally beneficial food that doctor's recommend all men, women and children eat at least twice a week?