Greenpeace : In Their Own Words

What They Tell You About:


Sustainability The Greenpeace Seafood Report ranked U.S. grocery stores based on the health of the fish stocks they sell, where and how seafood is caught and the effects on the wider marine environment.First published in June 2008, the market scorecards are updated regularly. Greenpeace concluded in its original report that not a single major American grocery store met its standards for seafood sustainability.


What They're Not Telling You

Before releasing its rankings, Greenpeace demanded U.S. retailers remove nearly 50% of commonly sold seafood from sale or face a poor rating. Not a single chain complied with Greenpeace's demands.

Greenpeace continually attempts to take credit for seafood sustainability efforts that were in fact initiated by the retailers. Despite the group's claims, the senior seafood buyer for Stop & Shop and Giant supermarkets told IntraFish magazine, "None of [our recent initiatives] is in reaction to the Greenpeace retailer rankings."

Former Greenpeace activist Don White, who was a leader in the organization's U.S. branch, abandoned the group after accusing it of "capitalizing on claiming the accomplishments of others as their own while creating photo opportunities for fundraising."

The Tough Questions:
Is there any consensus-science behind Greenpeaces sustainability demands or are the rankings designed simply to create the appearance of a problem?