Greenpeace and Canned Tuna Truth Squad : In Their Own Words

What They Tell You About:


Numerous other marine life are hooked and netted in the global tuna fisheries with 100 million sharks, and tens of thousands of turtles killed every year causing devastation to the entire marine ecosystems.

Greenpeace International Tuna Campaign


What They're Not Telling You

All fishing methods, including pole and line, have challenges associated with bycatch, challenges that will increase significantly if the practice is dramatically expanded. In turn, Greenpeace exaggerates the scale of the bycatch problem. In areas of the world where reliable statistics exist, bycatch of sea turtles is reported to be only dozens with many animals being returned safely to the ocean.

The Tough Questions:
Why does Greenpeace exaggerate reports of bycatch? Could it be because its real goal is simply to put an end to commercial fishing?