Got Mercury? : In Their Own Words

What They Tell You About:


Sustainability"In addition to being toxic for humans, tuna, swordfish, and many other fish are caught in ways that are devastating ocean habitats and fisheries. Longline fishing, the destructive fishing method often used to catch tuna and swordfish, kills thousands of endangered sea turtles per year. Our organization supports responsible and sustainable fishing."


What They're Not Telling You

Got Mercury? does not participate in or support the work of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), the leading global consortium of scientists, conservationists, and fisheries management organizations focused on sustainability issues. ISSF identifies ways to reduce bycatch, increase surveillance of vessels and stocks, eradicate illegal fishing and support eco-labeling certification programs. ISSFs research is informed by science, close collaboration with fisherman and advanced monitoring technology.

The tuna community is also committed to protecting sea turtle populations by issuing new fishing recommendations and implementing international protocols that will minimize harm to turtles.

The Tough Questions:
If you could eliminate the all mercury from seafood would you support current methods of catching tuna?