Environmental Defense Fund : In Their Own Words

What They Tell You About:


CompassAccording to his biography on the Environmental Defense Fund website, the groups president Fred Krupp is widely recognized as the foremost champion of harnessing market forces for environmental ends.


What They're Not Telling You

Despite its public claims to sensibility and moderation, EDFs leaders are not hesitant to employ the same duplicitous pressure tactics that radical groups like Greenpeace have perfected. For example, EDF funds and sponsors Moms Clean Air Force (MCAF), a coalition of activist bloggers, mothers and celebrities that has routinely echoed frightening and false claims about tuna and mercury toxicity in order to bolster support for Clean Air Act legislation. Like many other eNGOs, EDF skews the facts, chooses rhetoric over logic and solicits donations every opportunity it gets.

The Tough Questions:
Has EDFs single-minded zeal about air pollution caused it to ignore the public health consequences of discouraging people from eating fish?