Tilapia in Saffron Tomato Sauce from @Foodfaye

Two weeks ago, my family moved into a new house. Last week, we celebrated Rosh Hashanah. Because its already been a busy September and weve not yet fully unpacked (not even close!), I wanted an easy, nutritious meal to ring in the Jewish New Year.

So, I made Faye Levys Tilapia in Saffon Tomato Sauce. (I found the recipe in Fayes Healthy Cooking for the Jewish Home cookbook, but heres an online link.) It was delicious! And, incredibly easy even in a kitchen with limited pans, cooking gadgets and ingredients.
First, I prepared the saffron tomato suace (with onions, mini red bell peppers, garlic, canned tomatoes and saffron threads). While the sauce was cooking, I sauteed green beans in olive oil with garlic (sprinkled with a little fat-free Feta) and made a variation of Faye’s Rosh Hashanah Fruity Rice, a brown jasmine rice studded with caramelized onions, raisins, mango, cashews and sweet green peas. Lastly, I simmered the tilapia in the sauce and added frozen basil cubes. The meal was delicious!
If youre looking for a light meal with a hearty taste, try this tilapia dish. Its perfect for that between-seasons time of year. No holidays necessary.
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Posted by Rima Kleiner, MS, RD