The new meat and potatoes

salmon and potatoes

Yesterday I had my first tennis lesson. And when I say first, I mean firstever. I have never picked up a racquet before and have a long way to go before Ill be comfortable doing so in public. Maybe I am green to tennis in the same way many of you are to cooking and eating seafood. A useful tip for beginners is to stock up on canned and pouch fish and shellfish. Even if it sits in your pantry overlooked for weeks, eventually that fated day will come when you havent been to the store in ages and have no choice but to break into the canned tuna or crab or clams or salmon (the pictured salmon burger a leftover from a couple days ago that I ate last night after tennis is perfect for novices). So next time you are at the store, make that first step by stocking up on convenient, long-lasting, pantry-friendly seafood. The fun food website, Hungry Girl, just released their 2008 shopping list. Check out the seafood section for some great grocery aisle ideas.