The Can in Canned Tuna is Safe

I came across this article in the Roanoke Times (thats a Virginia newspaper) written by those Docs you see on Oprah all the time whoauthored”YOU: The Owner’s Manual.”

The column is about BPA (that chemical in plasic you’ve read about) and water bottles.It attempts to educatereaders but instead strays into unwarranted speculation that ignores the latest news on this issue.

The authors suggest potentially avoiding some cannedfoods that might include BPA in their liners.However,they fail to mention thatonMay 29 Health Canada released itsresearch intoBPA and canned foods and said, “none of the levels found in the testing exceed current Health Canada guidelines.”

They went even further stating, “to put this into perspective, the average Canadian would need to consume several hundred cans of food per day to reach the tolerable level established by Health Canada.”

Researchers concluded by writing, “based on the scientific evidence available to date, Health Canada does not recommend that consumers make any changes to their dietary habits as a result of the occurrence of trace levels of BPA in canned foods.”

I think its time I give Oprahs physician friends a call and make sure they know what our neighbors to the north do.