Taking on Mercury Activism

Scan the websites of deep-pocketed environmental groups and youll see dire warnings and ominous watch lists warning consumers about seafood. Comb through your favorite health and fitness magazines and youll see cautionary advice about canned tuna. Watch the news and youll see scary tales of rising mercury levels in the ocean due to coal pollution.

But all of those warnings about danger and risk-based reporting are utterly at odds with what the leading medical institutions and government authorities have firmly established: Fish is safe, and Americans should be eating plenty more of it.

Thats why were launching Reality Check: the Real Story About Fish and Mercury and this blog, Tackle Box. Here well correct the latest false claims about mercury in seafood, expose the collusion between activists and journalists, and hold the media accountable for failing to fact-check and clearly communicate scientific research.

Experts have long known that its tough to get Americans to eat healthier. And its nearly impossible when activists spread distorted, alarmist and inaccurate information even though it jeopardizes peoples health by causing them to eat less of or eliminate one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

People tend to be more frightened by the threat of a harm than encouraged by the promise of a benefit, said Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian of the Harvard School of Public Health, People get confused; they get the wrong message.

Were here to change that. Come back to our blog for the latest updates.