Soft-shell crab

sushi rollsoft-shell crabtuna sashimi

Here is my delicious sushi dinner from Friday. For appetizers, we split a tasty roll and an even tastier soft-shell crab. In Lloyd’s words, “the average soft-shell crab is about the best thing I’ve ever eaten, and this is ten times better than the average soft-shell crab.” Granted, we don’t eat deep-fried foods much, so the rarity only enhanced his excitement. The crab really was the treat of the meal, and got me wondering if I could ever pull such a thing off at home. I happened upon this article that says yes, I can, and with ease. I will have to try it sometime. Back to our sushi dinner…to balance out the rich, decadent crab, we shared a board of assorted sashimi. Pictured is one of my favorites, tuna.