shrimp grilled with barbecue peach chutney from @PescetarianPlan

I was sent a copy of a new book about eating healthfully by focusing on fish called The Pescetarian Plan by the books author and fellow registered dietitian, Janis Jibrin, MS, RD. Janis lays out an eating plan rich in 1) fruits and veggies, 2) healthful fats like olive oil and nuts, and 3) plenty of protein from fish and shellfish as well as meatless sources like beans and eggs. Most of the delicious-sounding recipes in the book for example, salmon with tahini and toasted nuts or clams with tomatoes and garlic on whole- grain pasta include at least a couple of these categories. I am always on the hunt for recipes that knock out a couple healthful food groups in one swoop, so Ill be trying several from this book. I started with the shrimp grilled with barbecue peach chutney, which contains seafood alongside fruit and veggies. We liked the combination of ingredients a lot tart and sweet. For more about this book, including sample meal plans and recipes, click here.

Posted by Jennifer McGuire, MS, RD