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    Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

    Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) activists describe themselves as “pragmatic environmental advocates” who are “grounded in science.” But EDF lobbyists, “experts,” attorneys, celebrity talk...

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    Selenium: A Mercury Magnet

    Seafood is a source of an antioxidant called selenium. Emerging research shows selenium binds to mercury, neutralizing its effects. Experts at the 2010 Hawaii Seafood Symposium concluded that selenium...

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    An Open Letter to Critics Jeopardizing the Health of Millions of Americans

    Over the past decade, environmental activists desperate for publicity and donations have purposefully misinformed the public about seafood nutrition. These activists have propagated what turned out to...

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    Dr. Mehmet Oz

    Causing Harm Since: 2010. Dr. Mehmet Oz may be a two-time Emmy award winner, media mogul, and Oprah protégé, but he’s first and foremost a dangerous peddler of junk science and medical voodoo. ...

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    The Doctors

    Causing Harm Since: 2010. The Doctors is a daytime television show that hopes viewers will tune in for “critical information to make informed and intelligent health care decisions.” In reality...