Scaring the public is what some eNGOs do best

Not two months had passed since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) soundly rejected mercury alarmists flimsy data and alarmist rhetoric for more restrictive commercial seafood regulations when they resumed spreading false and dangerous rhetoric.

With their credibility and influence seemingly crumbling, the whos who of scaremongering environmental groups Mercury Policy Project, GotMercury/Turtle Island Restoration Network, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Working Group, Sierra Club and more figured it was best to keep recklessly ignoring scientific and medical authorities and redouble their efforts to promote a fabricated seafood safety crisis.

Some judgment.

Instead of backing down, they returned to the very same agency that rigorously questioned the scientific assertions of their petition, demanding HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius release new advice for pregnant women so they can instead try and make their case in the court of public opinion for more restrictive guidelines. Dr. Edward Groth III, an expert with a colorful CV, alleges, the latest science show[s] far greater risks from methylmercury exposure than previously thought. The equally notorious Michael Bender, Mercury Policy Project president, warns, Recent scientific findings show health effects occurring below the level considered ‘safe’ just a few years ago.

Its interesting that Dr. Groth and Mr. Bender are pretending to be qualified and capable of judging what is and isnt sound science because theyre not. After all, their own reports on mercury in fish lack rigorous methodology and legitimate data. Their last so-called study on canned tuna, for instance, was based on anecdotal references, not evidence from surveys or objective examination. Theyve also refuted government fish consumption guidelines and peer-reviewed science from esteemed medical institutions over and over again.

With the eNGOs calls for public comment, theyre really trying to make it seem as if the necessity of fish consumption is up for debate. Its not and they know it but they dont care. Desperate for publicity, donor funding and relevance, these fading eco-activists are willing to contradict scientific fact, alarm pregnant women, and as a result, seriously jeopardize the public health.

That sure doesnt sound like the kind of people who know whats best for Americans.