Scallops and mahimahi

scallop appetizermahimahi

Last night was another reci-free dinner, meaning that I
made it up as I went along. Lloyd and I
picked up a pack of fresh scallops
and a pack of fresh mahimahi
from the store because they looked good.
As soon as we got home, I concocted a couple marinades — bottled ginger
vinaigrette for the scallops; and chopped scallions, salt, pepper, dill weed,
and olive oil for the mahimahi.

A few hours later, I turned the oven dial to broil and
lightly oiled a baking sheet. Each
little scallop got a good shake to remove excess marinade and was wrapped in a
thin blanket of prosciutto. Just a few
minutes (and a few toothpicks) later I had an impressive appetizer. As Lloyd gobbled up the scallops, I reloaded
the baking sheet with the mahimahi, skin-side down. During the ten minutes it cooked, I mashed a
couple sweet potatoes (softened in the microwave) with vanilla soy milk and a
pat of butter. Voila!