Salmon Pesto Pizza

salmon pizza

Im happy to say that the last two days in a row, I did not go out to eat! I actually made the most delicious pizza, which I enjoyed twice for dinner, and today for lunch. To say I made the pizza might be a bit of a stretch. I did however make a frozen cheese and pesto pizza my own by adding salmon gravlax a Swedish specialty of raw salmon cured in a salt-sugar-dill mixture. A mixed greens salad with a drizzle of creamy dressing was the perfect accompaniment to the velvety, savory pizza. Apparently gravlax is a specialty seafood, but I had no problem finding it in my neighborhood grocery market.

Speaking of specialties, I wanted to share a few of the top trends from the 2008 Summer Fancy Food Show. This culinary convention boasts the latest in gourmet food products. Nothing here that Im too excited about, though the miracle berry is intriguing. Have a very happy Fourth of July.