salmon pasta w/ olives and kale

A little bit summer, a little bit fall. That’s the season that last night’s Salmon Pasta w/ Olives and Kale evoked.

After seeing a recipe for Seared Salmon with Olives, Rosemary and Potatoes in the September issue of Real Simple, I was inspired to make salmon with black olives and the oil-vinegar-rosemary drizzle. But, it’s still so warm here that the grill was calling. So, I grilled the salmon, sauteed some kale and cooked a pot of veggie-infused bowtie pasta. I heated some olive oil, dried rosemary and red wine vinegar until it was warm. Then, I threw some black olives into the pan.

I layered the pasta on the bottom of the bowl, then some kale topped with a piece salmon. I then drizzled the oil-olive dressing on top of the salmon, topped with a little feta cheese. Two pans and 20 minutes later, dinner was served. It was super-quick and oh-so-tasty.

Oh, and I’ll try the real Real Simple recipe soon.

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Posted by Rima Kleiner, MS, RD