Safe Harbor: Marketing or Misinformation? (Part II)

If you’ll remember it was just this month last year that we blogged about Safe Harbor Certified Seafood and how its website features an attack on canned tuna that employs overt exaggeration and blatant misinformation.

Well, they’re back and this time they’re hyping a poll of 600 people that they dub a “nationwide consumer survey.” They claim it shows Americans choose “mercury in seafood as their top food safety issue.”

Let’s address this silly marketing ploy one part at a time. First off, their release suggests a “a full methodology is available”-let’s go ahead and get that methodology posted on their website, shall we? Let’s see just what questions were asked and how many people came to that conclusion unaided?

Once we’ve got that detail figured out lets ask why the consumers they spoke to chose mercury in fish, a naturally occurring element that kills 0 people a year, as their top food safety concern as apposed to Salmonella, which is estimated by the CDC to kill more than 500 people a year, or Listeria, which kills another 500.

Okay then, we probably should address that and then we’ll get into some of the Safe Harbor details that make many of their claims more than a little unpalatable.

Watch this space.