Trade Commission Throws Out Shrimp Case

Effort to Regulate Trade Partners Out of Market Fails

September 20, 2013 Washington, DC The International Trade Commission has ruled against imposing duties on shrimp imported from Thailand, Indonesia, China, Ecuador, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia in a decision that ensures American consumers will continue to have access to healthy, affordable shrimp.

NFI aggressively responded to the calls for countervailing duties on shrimp. We are pleased the Commissioners recognized that imported shrimp has not caused harm in the American shrimp markets, said John Connelly, President of the National Fisheries Institute. NFI believes strongly that different shrimp serve different markets and highlighting a shrimps positive characteristics is the best means to grow a business.

The Commission ruled the group of shrimp processors who brought the case failed to prove that any harm had been done to domestic shrimp by imports.

We have maintained from the start that the domestic shrimp industry has not suffered any adverse effects from imported warmwater shrimp, said NFIs attorney Warren Connelly. The case is now over, and exporters and importers will be able to resume doing what they do best, which is supplying healthy, nutritious and safe shrimp to this countrys consumers at fair and reasonable prices.

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