Statement on the 2014 State Departments Trafficking In Persons (TIP) report

WASHINGTON, DC June 20, 2014 Unfair and illegal labor practices are abhorrent and NFI members distinguish themselves through their commitment and actions to eradicate them.

Most NFI members have required rigorous third-party audits of their supply chain in order to ensure it is free of labor abuses. In fact, NFI itself has conducted the only comprehensive analysis of the leading global social responsibility standards in order to assist our members in finding the most thorough and credible labor systems.

The TIP report illustrates that there is a need for increased and sustained prosecution of trafficking violators worldwide. That understanding is a core component of NFI members ongoing communications to foreign governments, law enforcement and regulators.

Consumers should not misunderstand todays report as an indictment of the entire industry but rather as a snap shot of challenges that need ongoing Thai government attention.

NFI members have also directed NFI to work with organizations providing credible information regarding labor abuse at specific plants or organizations. NFI stands ready to assist in investigations of such allegations.

NFI recognizes and appreciates Thailands renewed focus on stamping out labor challenges in the seafood sector. NFI members continue to work with committed suppliers and partners there, to lead the way in not only pushing for change but providing products that are produced through safe, fair, ethical labor practices.

John Connelly,
President, National Fisheries Institute