NOAA Says Consumers Need to Get the Facts on Seafood Safety & Sustainability

Agency Unveils New Fish Watch Web Site

Consumers with questions about seafood sustainability and safety now
need to look no further than National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administrations (NOAA) web site for answers. Today at the
International Boston Seafood Show, NOAA Administrator Conrad
Lautenbacher launched the agencys new Fish Watch site ( designed to answer consumer questions.

Steering the public to Fish Watch is a great way for consumers to
get all the facts, said National Fisheries Institute (NFI) President
John Connelly. The seafood-buying public deserves the most accurate
and up to date information on safety and sustainability and NOAA has

During a news conference announcing the site Lautenbacher said, Our
hope is that you will go here for ground-truth science. It is not about
making decisions for you.

With the proliferation of unwarranted seafood health scares and
myriad sources dictating what are good fish and bad fish, the new
agency website aims to arm the public with an unbiased education and
provides a balanced clearing house for consumers.

Environmental issues are very important but mixing environmental
concerns with potential health effects is confusing for consumers,
said Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian of Harvard University who joined
Lautenbachers panel of experts at the unveiling today.

For more than 60 years, the National Fisheries Institute (NFI)
and its members have provided American families with the variety of
sustainable seafood essential to a healthy diet. For more information

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