NFI Posts 100th Video

Association Demonstrates Commitment to New Media

August 20, 2013 WASHINGTON, DC The countrys largest seafood trade association is also one of the most prolific when it comes to cranking out new media products, launching its 100th video. NFI averages 1 new video every 4 days on one of its multiple online platforms.

While were celebrating our 100th video its actually closer to 150 if you count the mobile platforms where were active, like Vine and Instagram, said NFI Communications Coordinator Lynsee Fowler.

Fowler, who oversees NFIs social media presence, helped launch the associations entrance into the new media space hosting the first video blog (vlog) on in September of 2012. Since then video has become a staple of groups outreach. has featured more than 30 videos chronicling efforts designed to get rid of the wasteful, duplicative trade barrier that is USDA catfish inspection.

Sometimes its a seven second recap on Vine directed at the media or maybe a 30 second synopsis of a study for the nutrition community or even a minute-long update for members, regardless its dynamic and delivers important messages quickly, said Fowler.

At the 2012 Boston Seafood Show, NFI sent 6 tweets. At this years show, NFI sent more than 65 tweets and produced 18 vlogs. NFI will coordinate with DBCs SeafoodSource to further explain the value of the Boston Seafood Show during the coming year.

New media, meaning mobile, social, active and interactive, is now part of a communications evolution that we are excited to be part of, said NFI President John Connelly.

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