NFI, NRA Fight Seafood Fraud & Menu Mislabeling

Trade associations sign MOU aimed at quashing dishonest practices

September 23, 2013 Washington, DC The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) and the National Restaurant Association (NRA) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) as part of an effort to join forces in the fight against seafood fraud.

As part of the new alliance NFIs Better Seafood Board (BSB) will offer insight, advice and guidance on reliable seafood sourcing partners as well as provide a business-to-business venue to report suspected seafood fraud.

The more we hear about fish fraud in the media the more finger pointing we see, said BSB Secretary Lisa Weddig. Is it a case of species substitution by the distributor or is it menu mislabeling? We want to take the mystery out of that scenario and make sure restaurants and seafood providers are working together.

As part of the partnership BSB will make menu labeling review services available to NRA restaurants. And NRA will promote reputable BSB companies to its members.

This type of cooperation will help to ultimately strengthen consumer trust in establishments that are using all available resources to ensure an honest value chain, said Sue Hensley, NRAs Senior Vice President of Public Affairs/Communications.

BSB will offer presentations on everything from mislabeling to short weighting at NRA sponsored events and will play an important role in educating restaurateurs about the difference between simple mistakes and fraud, both on invoices and menus.

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