MEDIA ALERT: Its Ground Hog Day at Consumer Reports

Magazine prepares to bash seafood again in off-base report

April 23, 2015 Washington, D.C. The last time Consumer Reports (CR) cooked up a seafood scare story it was about canned tuna. That time the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) blasted the report as one that attacked tuna without considering the known positive nutritional benefits attributed to fish.” The FDA even picked apart the magazines unscientific approach writing, the methodology employed by Consumer Reports overestimates the negative effects and overlooks the strong body of scientific evidence published in the last decade.

Now the same magazine, known for its reviews of TVs and toasters, is taking aim at shrimp. Known unquestionably as a safe, healthy, versatile and affordable protein CRs take on shrimp will be much different than that of mainstream dietitians and culinary experts.

Despite being publicly admonished by the FDA for its last seafood charade, CRs report will once again use methodology and of course rhetoric that overestimates the negative as it strives to keep up with the if-it-bleeds-it-leads crowd. The clear evolution from a once-respected consumer electronics publication to an ageing rag that has begun to rely on sensationalism to remain relevant is underway.

Reporters are encouraged to study CRs characterization of FDAs HACCP Food Safety system. Theyre challenged to test the negative claims CR makes about third party certified aquaculture. Also review with interest why CR might take an overtly protectionist position that recommends consumers buy only U.S. shrimp. Do they take a similar position on other foreign products? What about cars? How about TVs?

And reporters are reminded that CR is the same publication that proclaimed hyperbolic concern about tuna and then served it to employees and their guests at the magazines holiday party.


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