Condemnation of Tactics in Tuna Dispute

Eco-Extremists Claim Clash with Fishermen at Sea

June 3, 2008 Washington Following weeks of Greenpeace action against tuna vessels world wide that include vandalizing tuna boats operating legally in the Pacific Ocean, boarding vessels in the Mediterranean and stealing Korean fishing gear, a new confrontation has marred the on-going dispute. Greenpeace claims a Turkish tuna vessel rammed one of its protest ships on Friday but no one was injured.

Allegations of such actions, if accurate, unfortunately stoop to Greenpeaces level, said National Fisheries Institute (NFI) President John Connelly. Everyone has the right to defend themselves but engaging other ships at sea, even ones that are harassing you, is a dangerous tactic that should be left up to authorities.

Connelly, who is also a Captain in the United States Navy Reserve said, confrontations of any sort on the open seas are ill-advised and are simply not constructive tools when it comes to advancing an agenda.

A spokesperson for Greenpeace told the Associated Press the confrontation, “endangered the safety of our crew and ship and is completely unacceptable.These types of encounters are in fact unacceptable. And any activist group that thinks challenging another vessel on the high seas is romantic or exciting and has public relations appeal, is misguided and should rethink their tactics before there is a tragedy, said Connelly.

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