CA Mercury Resolution Distorts Science & Damages Public Health

Alarmist resolution presented to California Legislature is filled with inaccuracies and misleading rhetoric

May 1, 2008 Washington Joint Resolution No. 57 is an attempt by the eco-lobby to promote non-science-based alarmist rhetoric about mercury in seafood. The resolutions sponsors claim their efforts are designed to, assist people in deciding which fish is healthiest for their diet. In reality, their resolution serves only to confuse the public and unnecessarily alarm consumers.

Any resolution filled with half truths and scientific distortions is a reckless piece of legislation, said National Fisheries Institute (NFI) President John Connelly. The California Legislature should carefully consider any resolution so at odds with the advice of all major health authorities. Its a disservice to public health to scare people away from a product that science proves aids in the fight against Alzheimers disease, combats obesity and can reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack by 36 percent.

Independent research tells us the proven benefits of seafood far outweigh any theoretical concerns associated with trace amounts of mercury in fish. Efforts to distort that fact can and do have a negative impact on public health. Currently, the average American eats only 16 lbs of seafood a year when doctors suggest we should be eating 39 lbs per year.

The fact is, there has never been a case of mercury toxicity in this country from the normal consumption of seafood. With that in mind and the obvious health issues at stake, perhaps California legislators should be looking for ways to encourage more seafood consumption not less, said Connelly.

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