Pasta and pizza

salmon mac-n-cheesesardine pizza

Today I have two pictures, lunch from Friday and lunch from Saturday. Friday was a classic office favorite mac-n-cheese with salmon. Saturday was unique pizza with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, and fresh sardines. Very light, yet salty and tangy. Sardines were actually all over the menu of the Neapolitan pizzeria we ate at, and it got me thinking about trying to use them at home more often. I think I might try this Sardine Tonnato Spread this week, which could work well on bruschetta or on sandwiches.

And now for some news somewhat unrelated to fish, but concerning a true fish-lover my cat Miles. He has been limping a little bit lately, so late last week we decided to have him looked at by the Vet. After two visits and six X-rays, it turns out the poor little peanut has a fractured hip joint (cause: unknown). This morning I dropped him off for what should be a simple surgery to remove the broken part of the bone. Ill let you know how he fares.