(Part IV) NBC Nightly News Airs Seafood Sustainability Scare-Story

I will tell you want I dont want to do here and thats put the cart before the horse. I dont want to get on here and blog about how impressive and responsive NBC has been to our concerns about Anne Thompsons Nightly News story on seafood sustainability but I also am bound by the mission of this blog to give credit where credit is do. Alexandra Wallace, Vice President, NBC Newsbetter known as the Executive Producer of NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams passed our concerns along to Anne Thompson who called me today to ask about seafood sustainability stories that she might consider. I am in the process of educating her on Alaskan Pollock and am glad NBC is working to find sustainability stories that arent being peddled by fringe eco-lobbyist who ignore science when insisting that the oceans will be empty in the next few years and dangerous fish are poisoning us daily. Stand by for more.