oysters and barbeque salmon at Waters Edge Restaurant

My mom and grandma were in town over the weekend to see their grandson/great-grandson (and by chance, see me and Lloyd).We had the very bad luck of my mom getting sick, so she was quarantined in the guest bedroom most of the trip.GG (great-grandma) was happy to step up and cuddle Harris on her behalf.

We missed my mom so much, but tried to stick to our plans including a trip to Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, just outside of Charleston.We went for the 30th Annual Oyster Festival, but in the spirit of the unluckiest weekend, they ran out of oysters 30 minutes before we arrived.We were ravenous, for oysters of course, so we hightailed it to the nearest seafood restaurant, Waters Edge.In addition to our immediate order of oysters for the table, I got a simple filet of barbeque salmon.
This was such a good flavor combo that Im excited to try at home.Here are a couple easy recipes, one featuring homemade bbq sauce (what I would have made before having a baby) and one with pre-made bbq sauce (what I can realistically make after having a baby).
Posted by Jennifer McGuire, MS, RD