oven-baked salmon with toasted almond parsley salsa from @foodnetwork and @chefkathleen

Though were still in the heart of grilling season, I relied on the good old oven last night for a stress-free and scrumptious dinner. The evening schedule as of late is 5pm-Harris eats, 5:30pm-Lloyd gets home, 6:00pm-Harriss bedtime routine begins, 7:00pm-adults eat. So any trace of time I used to have to prep dinner is no longer with us. I have adapted by choosing recipes that allow me to prep in the afternoons. Fish with a tasty topping is perfect because you can make the topping in advance and then its just a matter of heating the fish right before mealtime. An oven-baked fish recipe is even easier because heating the fish means sticking it on a pan, popping it in the oven, and setting the timer. Since I had the oven on, I also picked an oven-baked side, the appropriately titled ridiculously easy roasted yellow squash and onions. Delicious all around!

Posted by Jennifer McGuire, MS, RD