Out to eat tips

grilled squid

Im on an out to eat kick, and it doesnt seem itll be letting up anytime soon. Wednesday I had a business lunch out, last night I met an old friend from college for dinner out, and this weekend I have friends from graduate school in town plus a jam-packed schedule, which will inevitably lead tomeals out. While I like the control of cooking my own meals and aim for this the majority of the time, I also like experiencing restaurants with my loved ones. So I cant pretend to complain about my impending out to eat streak.

When I know many restaurant meals are headed my way, though like if Im traveling, which I will be next weekend I do like to prepare and be thoughtful about what I order. A simple start is to pay attention to the way foods are made. For a full list of menu words to look for or limit, click here. Last night I saved fat and calories by choosing grilled, not fried, calamari. The flavor combination of green olives, garlic, and tomatoes with a sprinkle of olive oil and parmesan cheese was scrumptious.