Open Letter To The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Media Relations Office

We read with great interest your release titled Higher Levels of Fukushima Cesium Detected Offshore.

Quick question for you. Are you trying to scare consumers and negatively impact the lives of hardworking fishermen along the Pacific coast? Or are you just trying to gin up another round of funding for radiation testing work? Just wondering.

Feel free to respond on twitter @NFIMedia where we would be happy to have a public conversation about why you didn’t lead with any of the following facts mentioned in your release:

• “The [radiation levels found are] more than 500 times lower than US government safety limits for drinking water…”

• “…the levels of contamination off our shores remain well below government-established safety limits for human health or to marine life…”

• “Canadian scientists… have done sampling of fish and have not seen any Fukushima cesium in fish collected in British Columbia.”

• “… [Radiation] levels today off Japan are thousands of times lower than during the peak releases in 2011…”

Fear mongering press releases about radiation that maximize hyperbole, by design, are a disservice to consumers, fishermen and scientists who care about accuracy in reporting.