Noodles and National Journal

shrimp and noodles

I am a leftovers enthusiast. And a wasted-food opposer. In even the most meager of dinner remnants, I see the potential for a great lunch the next day. Today was a classic repurposing. Veggie soup from last night (frozen peas, frozen asparagus, and canned black beans added to a rice noodle bowl) became shrimp and noodles today (leftovers topped with defrosted frozen, pre-cooked shrimp).

In addition to being pleased with my lunch, I was pleased with the outcome of a National Journal article I was interviewed for a couple weeks ago. The May 24 article, Recipe Rewrite by Will Englund, reports on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines process and accurately depicts my desire for the latest science to be considered.

” We’re going to be paying close attention to this process, says Jennifer Wilmes, who directs nutrition outreach for the National Fisheries Institute

The Fisheries Institute wants to make sure that someone on the committee is familiar with recent research suggesting that the benefits of fish far outweigh the risks, primarily from mercury, especially for pregnant women and babies. This, Wilmes says, is a paradigm shift in the way we communicate about fish. “

If you happen to be a National Journal subscriber, read the full article here.