Non-traditional tuna fish

tuna fish sandwich

I have a long-standing aversion to mayonnaise. Its getting better I can tolerate mayo as an unidentifiable ingredient but I still cant handle mayo in my tuna. Straight tuna on bread isnt much better (Ive tried it), so Im always on the look-out for creative ways to make a tasty and moist tuna fish sandwich. One of my stand-bys is mixing in a splash of olive oil and chopped green olives. But yesterday I went a little Tex-Mex (on the heels of my trip home) and spread a layer of warm, fat-free refried beans on my canned tuna sandwich. Its not the most expected combo, but healthy, flavorful, and filling. Click here for more unique sandwich ideas, including a few variations on classic mayo and tuna. Please comment with your favorite twists on tuna.