NFI Committees & Networks

NFI Committees and Affiliated Organizations

The NFI has organized committees to allow member companies to work together on a wide variety of topics.


Associates Committee
Develop and implement programs of interest to the associate members of the NFI, including highlighting the services they provide to the seafood industry. Chairman: Michael Lieberman, FOA & Son Corporation.
NFI staff contact:Gerrrie Thomas.

Clam Committee
Companies engaged in the harvesting, processing and sale of Atlantic surf clams and ocean quahogs. Develop programs regarding the scientific assessment of the clam fishery resources and participate in the development and implementation of fishery management plans for the fishery. Chairman: Guy Simmons, Sea Watch International.
NFI staff contact: Richard Barry.

Crab Council
A private council of the top UScrab importers who have joined forces to tacklesustainabilityissues in Blue Swimming Crab Fisheries.
NFI staff contact: Gavin Gibbons.

Executive Committee
Develop NFI’s strategic direction, determine annually the issues upon which NFI should focus, and establish NFI policy.
NFI staff contact: John Connelly.

FishPAC Committee
Develop a strategic plan to increase funds to support NFI’s political program and provide oversight of federal campaign contributions. Chairman: Sean O’Scannlain, Fortune Fish.
NFI staff contact: Robert DeHaan.

Future Leaders Committee
NFI member executives who have completed the NFI Future Leaders Program. The participants harness the experience, creativity and enthusiasm of the Future Leaders Program to develop and support seafood industry initiatives. Co-Chairmans: Sarah Hayes, Maritime Products International and Michael Lieberman, FOA & Son Corporation.
NFI staff contact: Suzanne Arteaga.

Government Relations Committee
Monitor the proposals and activities of Congress and governmental agencies and recommend strategies and policies to the NFI Executive Committee and Board.
NFI staff contact: Robert DeHaan.

Importer Network
Develop and implement programs of interest to those NFI member companies importing fish and seafood products into the United States. Chairman: Jeff Stern, Central Seaway Company.
NFI staff contact: Barbara Blakistone.

Communications Outreach
Provide guidance on communications helpful in explaining fish and seafood issues and products to the public and seafood consumers.
NFI staff contact:Gavin Gibbons.

Membership Committee
Develop and support programs and services to members and potential member companies, which enhance the value of membership. Chairman: Lisa Webb, Gorton’s Seafood.
NFI staff contact: Gerrie Thomas.

Nominating Committee
Nominate individuals each year for offices as Vice Chairperson of the Board, Treasurer, and Secretary of the NFI and nominate individuals each year to serve on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Chairman: Travis Larkin, Seafood Exchange.
NFI staff contact: John Connelly.

Salmon Council
The councils mission is to promote salmon as a high-quality, healthy and delicious fish, packed with protein and dozens of nutrients to support heart and brain health. Members of The Salmon Council source wild-caught and farm-raised salmon both domestically and from around the world.
NFI staff contact: Judy Dashiell.

Shrimp Council
A private council comprised of shrimp producing members. The Council encourages work improving the life of sea turtles and research on shrimp and their consumers.
NFI staff contact: Judy Dashiell.

Technical Committee
Explore new technologies to further industry growth, respond to regulatory issues relating to food safety, and oversee educational activities.
NFI staff contact:Lisa Weddig.

Affiliated Organizations

Seafood Industry Research Fund
Coordinates solicitations and disbursements of funds and addresses the research needs of the seafood industry in the areas of product quality and safety resources and marketing through university scholarship grants.

National Aquaculture Council
Develops and implements programs of interest to those member companies engaged in aquaculture.

National Blue Crab Industry Association
Develops and implements programs of interest to those member companies engaged in the harvest, processing and sales of blue crabs.