New Zealand seafood

shrimp and angel hairsalmon

Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely al fresco lunch with Sarah
Crysell, communications manager of the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council in Wellington, NZ. We had a good discussion about the highs and
lows of encouraging families to eat more fish, and Im happy to report that we
both practiced what we preach. I had a very flavorful shrimp and
angel hair pasta pomodoro and Sarah had
a succulent-looking salmon fillet on orzo. She said
one of the biggest myths about seafood in New Zealand is that its tricky to
make. The same is true for the US. To help New Zealanders overcome their
fish-prep fears, the Seafood Industry Council has created a website that I have
to say, I love. GreatestMeal features
useful information on handling, storing, and cooking seafood. And of course, hundreds of recipes (with both
metric and US measurement units).