New take on tuna sandwich: Tuna w/ hummus

New take on an old favorite… Try using hummus instead of mayonnaise in your tuna sandwich.

After reading about hummus in @FoodNutriMag this morning,Iwas inspired to add it to my lunchtime tuna sandwich. I mixed a single-serve pouch of light tuna with hummus (instead of my standby canola mayo), dill weed and finely diced red pepper and scallion, and served on top of toasted whole wheat bread.

Ready in about five minutes, this tuna sandwich was delicious!And, the best part… Swapping hummus for mayo not only gave my tuna sandwich a new twist, it also saved me about 120 calories and 12 grams of fat. Rich in omega-3s and protein, this sandwich makeover was simple, convenient and nutritious… gotta love that!

TELLUS: Do you have a secret ingredient in your tuna salad sandwich? Please tell us.We’d love to hear from you!

Written by Rima Kleiner, MS,RD