• Health Blog

    Eating Fish Vital: Washington Post

    The Washington Post takes a break from reporting on the political storm du jour to highlight the importance of eating fish in today’s article titled “Fatty acids lower your risk of heart disease. ...

  • Advocacy Blog

    Reporters: You Can’t Put a Price On Accuracy… Actually Maybe You Can

    The price of accuracy in food reporting is a minimum of $177 million. ABC News’ parent company Disney is cutting a check to Beef Products Inc. for at least $177 million because its reporters chose h...

  • Health Blog

    Reporting On Tuna Study Fails Readers

    Not a Health Study When the LA Times and San Diego Union Tribune recently reported on a tuna study about contaminants in fish they both made a major mistake in their reporting… or, really, in what ...

  • Advocacy Blog

    Eating more seafood has major impact on health, new study

    Encouraging new study Eating more seafood, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, is one of the best things Americans can do for their health, according to a new study. Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Publi...

  • Advocacy Blog

    Michael Pellman Rowland is Not Here to Help You Learn More About Seafood

    Michael Pellman Rowland is not here to help you learn more about seafood. He’s here to turn you off of seafood and on to a vegan diet. While he doesn’t describe himself as vegan very often in pri...

  • Advocacy Blog

    Open Letter from Registered Dietitians

    A recent MSN Lifestyle article provided by Eat This, Not That lists the “20 Unhealthiest Proteins on the Planet,” and, in the process, makes several of the “Most Untrue Nutrition Claims on the P...

  • Health Blog

    Doctors’ Confusing Stance Ignores The Benefits of Fish… Sort Of

    Ignoring The Benefits of Fish is Malpractice Processed meat, sugary beverages, candy, and… seafood? One of these things is not like the others. Doctors Tom Rifai and Mark Liponis were interviewe...

  • Advocacy Blog

    ‘Eat This, Not That’ knows nothing about the healthiest fish to eat

    Consumers looking for information on the healthiest fish to eat, be warned: read this, not that. Laughably, Eat This, Not That touts itself as “the definitive resource for smart nutrition,” amo...

  • Health Blog

    What is the Healthiest Fish to Eat? Spoiler Alert: Yes

    Healthiest Fish to Eat You probably aren't getting enough of the healthiest fish. From boosting heart health and baby brain development to reducing the risk of heart disease and depression, eating ju...

  • Sustainability Blog

    Fisheries Expert Says World Stocks Stable

    When marine ecologist Boris Worm proclaimed in 2006 that the “global collapse” of fish stocks would occur by the year 2048, media outlets took the bait, splashing hyperbolic headlines on the procl...

  • Health Blog

    Reporting on Reporters: Time Magazine

    Time Magazine is one of the most honored and celebrated news publications on newsstands today. And that may be part of its problem, no one gets their news from newsstands anymore. Despite its history ...

  • Health Blog

    Eat This Not That Has Finally Lost All Credibility

    Once sort of an interesting site with a quirky take on a few nutrition axioms, Eat This Not That has evolved into a click-bait machine with zero nutritional credibility. Its latest foray into nonsense...

  • Health Blog

    Mercury in Fish: The Washington Post Recycles Bad Seafood Advice

    In a reprinted piece presented as advice to confused consumers looking for healthy seafood options, (“Eat more seafood for your health, right? Actually, it’s not that simple”, May 20) Keri Szejd...

  • Nutrition Blog

    Healthy Fish Make Waves On NBC

    NBC News is taking aim at nutrition misinformation and Rima Kleiner from the Dish on Fish serves as the expert resource who helps the site separate fact from fiction. The answer?  Healthy fish. &n...

  • Sustainability Blog

    Sustainable Fish: Scientists Say Global Tuna Stocks are Healthy

    If you care about the health of our oceans, consuming sustainable fish or just want to feel good about feeding your kids an affordable, accessible source of omega-3s like canned tuna, you deserve to k...

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    Jennifer_Rima2 Jennifer McGuire (L), Rima Kleiner (R)
    Jennifer McGuire, MS, RD As a nutrition science translator, blogger, media critic, and new mom, I believe the most important nutrition advice I can give is to only take nut...rition advice from sound sources. I earned my Master of Science Degree in Nutrition Communication from Tufts University in Boston, MA and my undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. I am credentialed as a Registered Dietitian (RD) and belong to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), as well as the Food and Culinary Professionals practice group of the AND. As a dietitian for the National Fisheries Institute, I work to help families enjoy seafood-rich diets. Fish and shellfish not only boost our brain and heart health, they can be fast, simple, and delicious. My favorite people to relish a good meal with are my husband, Lloyd, and infant son, Harris. Show Less Show More
    Rima Kleiner, MS, RD I am passionate about good food, cooking, and helping others prepare healthy and... tasty meals. Fish—packed with omega-3 fatty acids and protein—is a staple of those meals. In my role as a registered dietitian with the National Fisheries Institute, I track and translate the latest news on the nutritional benefits of seafood. My background includes degrees in Human Nutrition and Communications. I work with food and beverage groups, as well as individuals, teach nutrition to culinary students and create wellness programs for employers. I also often provide commentary for news media. When I am not cooking a healthy meal or running after my two young children, you can find me running, hiking or practicing yoga. Show Less Show More