Lawsuit Says “Greenpeace is a global fraud”

Greenpeace is in the news yet again. This time, however, the radical environmentalist group is facing a lawsuit from the forest products industry. To no one’s surprise, the plaintiffs say Greenpeace is a global fraud, calling out the fundraising behemoth for what it describes as extortion and misappropriation of funds.

The seafood community is no stranger to Greenpeace’s disingenuous racketeering-like strategies. The paper industry’s lawsuit even cites Greenpeace’s longtime campaign against commercial seafood, in which the group routinely uses absurd claims to accuse companies of unsustainable efforts, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. Further discrediting itself Greenpeace refuses to participate in real seafood sustainability science, likely because participation would inhibit Greenpeace’s fundraising potential and divert dollars away from marketing.

With a global operating budget of $300 million per year Greenpeace uses sensationalist claims and false advertising to rake in donations from unsuspecting supporters. Instead of using this money to make a real difference in the environment, Greenpeace generates videos and social media campaigns to further promote its duplicitous fundraising efforts. The lawsuit notes that 94% of Greenpeace revenue goes to salaries, administrative and fundraising budgets, office costs, IT, travel, lodging, conferences and telemarketing expenses.

Greenpeace’s empty claims are reminiscent of the recent allegations against Trump University. This type of con artist scam is something victims “often sing the praises of…until they realize they have been fleeced,” according to U.S. Court of Appeals judge Kim McLane Wardlaw.

After years of harassment, it’s clear forest product companies are fed up. Greenpeace’s penchant for what might be considered fraudulent fundraising has been an intrinsic part of its operation for years. The seafood community has always known that the Green Greenpeace cares most about is fundraising dollars– let’s see if this lawsuit exposes the group’s methods, tactics and real focus.