Kwon And Hightower Team Up For More Mercury Misinformation (Part III)

From a butcher you ask for meat. From a fishmonger you ask for seafood. From a reporter you ask for facts… is that too much to ask? Our latest letter:

March 12, 2009

Dan Rosenheim

News Director


855 Battery St

San Francisco, CA 94111

VIA Email

Dear Mr. Rosenheim,

Sue Kwon’s March 11th package on the Proposition 65, mercury in canned tuna ruling, contained erroneous information that we have brought to your attention before both in letter form and as part of a YouTube video.

Please note that 44 seconds into her package she claims that her own tuna consumption experiment caused her mercury levels to rise to “levels known to cause reproductive harm.” This is demonstrably false. Kwon’s levels reached 17.2 micrograms per liter and the Environmental Protection Agency has deemed above 58 micrograms per liter the level of mercury in the blood that approaches risk(*gg).

Please correct this reporting immediately.

Gavin Gibbons

National Fisheries Institute

cc: Ronald Longinotti

President and General Manager

Lisa White

Assistant News Director

*gg: An earlier reference to 580 micrograms per liter was in error, it should have read 58