Journalistic Failures of Newsweak

It’s embarrassing from a reporting perspective for Newsweek to allow the narrative and the voices in this seafood sustainability piece to go unchallenged, when governments across the globe are spearheading efforts to increase seafood consumption. To suggest seafood is not needed in the diet conflicts with the vast amount of independent, peer-reviewed science that continues to find eating seafood can help prevent and aid in the recovery of conditions from depression to heart-disease to osteoporosis. In fact, a Harvard study found that low seafood consumption in America is the second-biggest dietary contributor to preventable deaths, taking 84,000 lives a year. (For perspective, low intake of fruits and vegetables take 58,000 lives each year.) This article also leaves out important information about the robust sustainability efforts the seafood community is involved in, like the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation. Newsweek also might want to consider that in order to replace the protein harvested by commercial seafood, man would have to clear-cut all of the world’s rainforests 22 times over, according to renowned University of Washington fisheries scientist Professor Ray Hilborn. It’s simply not reasonable or responsible to suggest people stop eating fish.